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1. Conditions

1.1 By ordering any of the Services and opening an account with us ("the Company" or "" or "JavaPipe LLC") you ("the Customer") agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions apply to all products and services offered on They are the basis on which we offer our services and should be read carefully. Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions may result in termination of the Customer's account and services without prior notice.

1.2 The Customer assures that all details of its name, address, telephone number and E-Mail address(es) are correct.

1.3 will use best possible efforts to provide reliable services and keep the Customer's data safe from any damage. However, we are under no circumstances liable for any loss of data, loss of use or service interruptions or damages caused by the loss of data or service interruptions. The Customer is responsible to always and regularly take care of full data backups, by downloading all data to a secure off-site location like his personal computer.

1.4 If the Customer is disrespectful towards any member of the staff or abuses the support system by opening multiple inquiries regarding the same question or issue, has the full right to terminate the Customers account without any refund.

1.5 The Customer is not allowed to open multiple accounts with - only one account per person/company. If you need multiple people accessing parts of the services, it is possible to add sub-contacts ("My Account" -> "My Contacts"). The owner of the account is always fully responsible for any of the actions of the sub-owners.

2. Anti DDoS Products

This section (section "2" - two) applies to all anti DDoS products offered on, which includes, but is not limited to all r00tProxy, r00tNAT and r00tVM products.

2.1 It is strictly forbidden to use any of our services to protect or host websites or services containing, promoting or linking to any illegal or copyright infringing content, such as websites related to fraud, hate speech, child pornography or anything else that is illegal in either Germany or the United States of America.

2.2 No refunds can be claimed due to downtime. The 99.9% uptime guarantee is being counted from 10 minutes after the Customer notified us by either opening a ticket, or, if the support system is unavailable, sending an E-Mail to our support E-Mail address. Downtime is defined by 100% packet loss from multiple geological locations.

2.3 The Customer can easily cancel the contract to the next due date or immediately, by canceling the service through our client area ("My Account" -> "My Services"). No fax or letter is required to not make a cancellation more difficult than it has to be.

2.4 If the Customer's invoice is overdue, the service is automatically being suspended 7 days after the due date. The invoices are generated 7 days prior to the due date, which allows a 14 day time frame to pay an open invoice before the service gets suspended.

2.5 If a DDoS attack exceeds the limits of the Customer's protection plan, the Customer will have to upgrade to a plan with an appropriate protection level. If the Customer refuses to upgrade, will either have to blackhole (nullroute) the targeted IP if an attack exceeds the limit the Customer agreed to upon order or will have to suspend the Customer's service. No refunds can be claimed if the Customer ordered a plan that doesn't cover the type or size of the attacks he receives.

2.6 If the Customer continuously receives large or complex attacks that last for more than a few hours, the Customer has to upgrade to a custom protection level that is appropriate and will be discussed individually. The advertised DDoS attack limits do not cover attacks that last 24/7.

2.7 If the Customer had to upgrade to a higher protection level or plan due to attacks exceeding the limits of his previous plan, he will not be able to downgrade again before the third (3rd) month on the protection level he had to upgrade to passed. This is to ensure that the Customer does not keep downgrading his products every month, only to have to upgrade again shortly after, if the same attacks that were exceeding the limits of his plan before start again.

2.8 Changes of the product specifications and pricing due to changes of cost of operation are possible at any time.

3. r00tProxy & r00tNAT Products

3.1 Our anti DDoS services are like a remotely deployed firewall. None of the content is hosted on our network, it is just being forwarded through our network in order to filter out attacks. Our network forwards the content from its origin, where it's hosted, to the visitor or user. If the content has been removed from the originating IP address, it also won't be available from our network anymore. Law enforcements and other authorities can request details about the originating IP address in case any illegal content or fraudulent activity has been found. They must contact using an official E-Mail address and may have to verify its legitimacy in order to receive details about the origin of the contents.

3.2 If the Customer receives Layer 7 attacks (HTTP Floods) that exceed a fair-use limit of our resources, he may have to upgrade to an Enterprise Anti DDoS system with dedicated hardware, to assure that other clients are not being affected by them in a bad way. Alternatively it may be possible to stop extensive layer 7 DDoS attacks with a "Custom RioRey Zone", which is available as an addon.

4. r00tVM Products

4.1 It is strictly prohibit to use any of the r00tVM products for Bitcoin mining or run another application that keeps maxing-out the processing or I/O resources of the virtual machine. As per section 2.1 it is also strictly forbidden to use r00tVM products to carry out DoS or DDoS attacks, host a botnet C&C (command and control center), send spam, phishing or unconsolidated mass e-mails, scan/probe/pentest any networks/machines. The Customer also may not use r00tVM products to host TOR nodes, public/open/anonymous proxies or VPN services, Camfrog servers.

4.2 The Customer is fully liable for his r00tVM instance and should always use strong passwords and keep its operating system updated, to make sure that no third party can gain access to it through outdated software, weak passwords or misconfigured software or services. Only the Customer and under no circumstances is liable and responsible for the security and data on the r00tVM instance owned by the Customer. The Customer owns the r00tVM instance he ordered the moment it's been created by and available for management from the client area.

4.3 The Customer will not attempt to use any IP addresses that are not assigned to his r00tVM instance. Doing so is considered fraud and will result in termination of all services without a refund.

5. Modification of Terms of Service reserves the right to modify or change these Terms of Service at all times. All Customers are bound by the latest Terms of Service published on this page.

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