Basic Website DDoS Protection

  • 5Gbps/500Kpps DDoS Protection
  • 500GB Clean Traffic Included
  • Network Layer Filtering
  • Instant Setup
  • Europe, RO & USA, NY

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Advanced Website DDoS Protection

  • 20Gbps/4Mpps DDoS Protection
  • 1TB Clean Traffic Included
  • Layer 7 Filtering
  • HTTPS+SPDY Supported
  • Europe, RO & USA, NY

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DDoS Protected Virtual Server

  • 20Gbps/4Mpps DDoS Protection
  • Layer 7 DDoS Protection
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • Full Virtualization (Any OS)
  • Snapshots & Backup Scheduler

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DDoS Protection For

Websites & Services
  • Protect Your Website or Service From DDoS Attacks
  • Keep Your Current Hosting Provider
  • Boost the Performance of Your Website

About Our DDoS Protection Service provides powerful and cost-efficient Remote DDoS Protection Services for websites and other online applications, such as game servers, mail servers or DNS systems. As well the number and the size of DDoS attacks constantly increased over the last few years, which makes a DDoS mitigation strategy a crucial part of online services nowadays, to ensure continuous uptime and security. However, most hosting providers lack effective Anti DDoS Solutions. With our Remote DDoS Protection Service this is not a concern anymore. With adaptive, self-learning RioRey and custom-built DDoS filtering hardware, we keep your business safe from cyber attacks and available for your users and customers at all times. A few years ago the threat of DDoS attacks, as well as the average attack size were much lower than nowadays. DDoS attacks above 10Gbps have become common and even people with little knowledge about the technology behind it can rent a DDoS service to attack any target they want with just a few clicks. With it having become that easy to attack an online service with DDoS, the number of victims of such cyber attacks and the profits that online businesses loose due to downtime caused by these attacks is rapidly growing. If the online service you run is important to you in any way, you should think about getting it DDoS protected right now and not wait until it's too late.

The Solution to DDoS Attacks provides two main product lines to remotely protect vulnerable servers from cyber and DDoS attacks. One product line is called r00tProxy and is based on a highly optimized HTTP reverse proxy technology. r00tProxy is able to protect HTTP and HTTPS traffic, which is the protocol that websites typically use to communicate with browsers. With r00tProxy it is even possible to see the real visitor IPs in the access logs of the server the website is hosted on, by reading the X-Forwarded-For headers. It comes with many extra features webmasters can benefit from. While the protection from DDoS is its main purpose, r00tProxy can also filter hacking attempts, act as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache and serve static content directly to improve the performance of the website and even optimize a website's code and images on-the-fly for the best possible browsing experience. r00tProxy also supports SPDY, which is commonly used by modern browsers to speed up HTTPS connections. Only few web servers support SPDY, because it's still new, but with r00tProxy you and your website's visitors can benefit from it without any additional changes on your hosting server.

The other main product line is called a r00tNAT. r00tNAT is not a reverse proxy, but simply forwards network packets from our DDoS filtered network to the customers backend server 1:1, of course excluding the bad DDoS traffic, which we obviously filter before it can affect the availability of your server. r00tNAT should be used for everything that is not a website, as it doesn't come with any of the additional benefits for websites that r00tProxy comes with. You can use r00tNAT to protect a game server, a mail server and basically any online service that clients connect to over the internet. We're not limited to only r00tProxy and r00tNAT - if you need something custom, feel free to contact us about it. For instance we can offer a mix of r00tProxy and r00tNAT on the same IP, if you for instance want to protect a website, a mail server and a DNS system that's all running on the same backend server. We're open to discussing DDoS Protection Services for resellers as well.

Network Locations

We have PoPs (Points of Presence) in both Europe (Romania, Bucharest) and the USA (East Coast, Virginia, Washington D.C), which gives you the freedom to choose the location closest to you and your users to maximize the performance of your service. Especially when protecting a game server using r00tNAT, you should make sure that the server the game is hosted on is as close as possible to one of our two locations to guarantee the lowest possible latency with a DDoS protection service in-front of it.

Why Us?

  • Powerful DDoS Mitigation
  • Protection Against Any Attack Type
  • Adaptive DDoS Detection & Mitigation
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Automated r00tProxy Setup

Other Services

While we specialize in DDoS protection service, we also provide a variety of other services, such as Hands On Time, Web Server Security, Web Server Tuning and more.

Other Services

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