Basic Website DDoS Protection

  • 5Gbps/500kpps DDoS Protection
  • 500GB Clean Traffic Included
  • Network Layer Filtering
  • Instant Setup
  • Europe & USA

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Advanced Website DDoS Protection

  • 20Gbps/4mpps DDoS Protection
  • 1TB Clean Traffic Included
  • Layer 7 Filtering
  • SSL Supported
  • Europe & USA

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Game/Service DDoS Protection

  • 10Gbps/1mpps DDoS Protection
  • 500GB Clean Traffic Included
  • Protect Any Port (TCP/UDP)
  • Perfect For Game Servers
  • Europe & USA

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DDoS Protection for

Websites & Services
  • Protect your website or service from DDoS attacks
  • Keep your current hosting provider
  • Speed up your website

About provides powerful and cost-efficient Remote DDoS Protection for websites and other services, such as game servers, mail servers or DNS systems. As well the number and the size of DDoS attacks constantly increased over the last few years, which makes DDoS protection a crucial part of online services nowadays, to ensure continuous uptime and security. However, most hosting providers lack effective DDoS mitigation solutions. With our remote DDoS protection service this is not a concern anymore. With adaptive, self-learning RioRey and custom-built DDoS mitigation hardware, we keep your business safe from cyber attacks and available to your users at all times.

We have PoPs in both Europe (Bucharest) and the USA (Washington D.C), which gives you the freedom to choose the location closest to your visitors to maximize performance for them.

Why Us?

  • Powerful DDoS Mitigation
  • Protection Against Any Attack Type
  • Adaptive DDoS Detection & Mitigation
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Automated r00tProxy Setup

Other Services

While we specialize in DDoS protection service, we also provide a variety of other services, such as Hands On Time, Web Server Security, Web Server Tuning and more.

Other Services

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